Author = S.R Mohebi
Number of Articles: 3
1. Association between Lymphotoxin (LT-A) Gene Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Chronic Hepatitis C Infection in Iranian Patients

Volume 20, Issue 3, July and August 2013, Pages 252-262

SH Baradaran-GHavami; S.R Mohebi; S.M.A Tahaei; H Naghoosi; P Azimzadeh; B Damavand; S Romani; SH Derakhshani; A SHrifiyan; M.R Zali

2. The Assosiation of Promoter Polymorphism of TGF-1 (-509C>T) with Chronic Hepatitis B in Iraninan Patients Referred to Taleghani Hospital, Tehran

Volume 20, Issue 3, July and August 2013, Pages 223-231

A Hoseini Razavi; S,M Hoseini; P Azimzadeh; S.R Mohebi; M KHan Yaghma; A SHarifiyan; A Sanati; M.R Zali

3. Association of Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphism (VDR rs 2238136) with Colorectal Cancer

Volume 18, Issue 1, November and December 2011, Pages 1-8

A Safaei; F Rostami; M Arkani; KH Karimi; E Arbabi; F KHorshidi; M Iman; M Vahedi; S.R Mohebi; M Vafaei; S.R Fatemi; M.R Zali