Keywords = Learning
Number of Articles: 3
1. The Effect of Acetyl-L-Carnitine on Learning and Spatial Memory Deficit in Diabetic Rats

Volume 22, Issue 2, March and April 2015, Pages 144-154

Jamshid Narenjkar; Mehrdad Roghani; Aida Imani; Iman Ansari

2. The Effect of Pumpkin Seed Extract on the Spatial Learning and Memory of Adult Male Ratsin Barnes maze

Volume 21, Issue 6, January and February 2014, Pages 551-561

Zahra Tamadonfard; Leili Sepehrara; Habibalah Jouhary

3. Implicit Motor Learning after Unilateral Stroke Using Serial Reaction Time Task

Volume 15, Issue 3, July and August 2008, Pages 207-216

I Abdollahi; MT Jighataie; M Salavati