Keywords = Substance abuse
Number of Articles: 3
1. The Difference of Psychopathology in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis with and without Substance Abuse

Volume 21, Issue 3, May and June 2014, Pages 188-198

B Sedighi; M.A Shafa; M Taher-Ghayeni; F Estilaee

2. A Comparative Study on the Personality Traits of Opioid- Dependents with and without Somatic Chronic Pain Complaints

Volume 19, Issue 6, September and October 2012, Pages 574-583

S.R Saeidiyan; M Sayah-behgard; S.S Ashrafizadeh; S Paksereshet; M.R Haghdost; H Bostani; S.M Latifi