Keywords = Kidney
Number of Articles: 6
1. The Effect of Pine Cones Aqueous Extract on Renal Function in Male Rats

Volume 24, Issue 3, May and June 2017, Pages 209-219

Maasoomeh Rezaii; Neamatollah Razmi; Ameneh Khoshvaghti

2. Anatomical Evaluation of Renal Arteries and Veins in Kidney Donors by CT Angiography

Volume 24, Issue 2, March and April 2017, Pages 141-146

Mohammad Saba; Hossein Ali Ebrahimi meimand; Ali Shahrabi; Aazam Dehghani

4. Effects of Pretreatment with Pentoxyfilline and N-acetylcysteine on Renal Injury Following Induction of Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion

Volume 17, Issue 1, November and December 2010, Pages 1-9

F Delavari; M Kadkhodaei; B Seifi; S Mikaeili; S SHams; H SHahidi

5. Measurement of Renal Vitamin E for Assessment of Iron and Nitric Oxide Interaction in Rats

Volume 10, Issue 1, November and December 2004, Pages 7-13

M, Abbasnejad; A Gol; A Shirpoor; M Eskandari

6. A case of bening bilateral renal Schwannoma

Volume 8, Issue 1, November and December 2001, Pages 56-59

A.A Ketabchi; M Ehsan; N SHadadi