Changes of Nerve - Muscle Performance of Elderly Men in Response to Whole Body Vibration


1 Assistance Professor, Department of Exercise Physiology, School of Physical Education, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran

2 Master of Exercise Physiology


Background and Aims: Whole body vibration exercise by affecting the neuromuscular system and mechanical mechanisms increase muscles strength. This study investigated the effect of whole body vibration training on neuromuscular function of elderly men. Methods: Based on a randomized controlled trial design, 72 retired elderly men with a mean age of 73.00 ± 2.67 years participated in thisstudy. After obtaining subjects' consent, they were divided into the four groups based on Bosco training program in a period of 6 weeks. Neuromuscular function after training protocol was evaluated by the standard 5-chair and timed up and go (TUG) tests. Then, data were analyzed. Results: 5-chair practice and timed up and go tests results after whole body vibration exercise for three sessions in a week showed significantly improvement in nerve-muscle function (P < 0.05). Besides, the whole body vibration exercises significantly reduced the times of 5-chair practice and timed up and go tests (P < 0.05 for both) Conclusion: The whole body vibration exercises can significantly affect the nerve-muscle function in elderly and reduce the likelihood of falling