The Burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Isfahan, Iran in 2010


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Health, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

2 M.Sc. Student, Faculty of Health, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Background & Aims: Traffic accidents are a major cause of disability and mortality around the world and a major public health problem in developing and developed countries. The aim of this study was to assess the burden of road traffic accidents in Isfahan, Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Isfahan in 2010. Data were collected from death registration system to calculate years of life lost (YLL) due to traffic accidents. To determine the rate of years lived with disability, hospital records of all people injured in road accidents were used. The methodology of the World Health Organization were used to estimate DALY (Disability adjusted life year), YLD, and YLL. Results: During 2010, the rate of DALY was 23.36 per thousand of which 3.99 per thousand was related to YLL and 19.37 per thousand was related to YLD. DALY rates in males and females were respectively 37.43 per thousand and 8.60 per thousand. Maximum rates of YLL and YDL were in the young age group (15-44). The highest rate of DALY was in summer (6.73 per thousand) and the lowest was in winter (4.29 per thousand). Conclusions: The results of this study showed that accident-related deaths and injuries are mostly in middleaged men. Since those are the active group of society, traffic accidents can be considered as an economic burden on society. Therefore, appropriate intervention programs and periodic evaluation are required to minimize traffic accidents