Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission


General Practitioner, Vice Chancellor for Health, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


In Iran 8% of HIV- infected cases are women. Since most of them are young and in childbearing ages, in case of becoming pregnant and not receiving preventive measures, they can infect their child. Without Preventive measures transmission rate is 15 to 45 percent. Several factors such as sever stage of HIV and AIDS ,CD4 low count, high viral loud, acute retroviral phase, STDs, vaginal delivery, maternal age, maternal substance and alcohol abuse, chorioamnionitis, neonate low birth weight or prematurity, PROM and breast feeding increase the rate of mother to child transmission. This paper aims to present national strategies for Prevention of Mother to child Transmission (PMTCT) including consultation before pregnancy, counseling and testing during pregnancy, Anti Retro Viral (ARV) prophylaxis for HIV positive pregnant women, safe delivery, post partum evaluation and intervention, infant evaluation and monitoring and infant feeding by formula.