The Opinions of physicians about Radiology Reports

Document Type: Original Article


1 Instructor, Radiology Department, School of Allied Health Sciences and Physiology Research Center, Kerman University of Medial Sciences, Kerman, Iran

2 Instructor, Neuroscience Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


Background & Aims: Radiology reports are often the only means of communication between radiologists and physicians. Despite the importance of these reports, practically physicians do not give a feedback about radiology reports. This study was aimed to determine the opinions of specialists towards radiology reports. Methods: in this descriptive study, sample consisted of all specialists working in Kerman city. Data collection was done by a researcher-made questionnaire consisted of demographic variables, items related to radiology and 17 items to assess opinion. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were confirmed before data gathering Results: Participants were 220 specialists in 15 fields. Most of them were male (60.1%). The most percent of sample belonged to specialists in Internal medicine (16.5%), Orthopedists (16.5%) and Gynecologists (13.8%). Majority of physicians trusted in radiology reports more then 50%. Mean total opinion score (±SD) was 2.66 (±0.38) which was 85% of the maximum score. The highest mean scores belonged to “the style and quality of reports” and “the ability of interpreting radiographs.” Neither mean score of domains nor total mean score showed significant difference based on the level of education. Conclusion: based on the total opinion score, specialists do not have positive opinion toward radiology reports. In regard to increasing complexity of medical imaging and its role in the treatment of patients, better communication between radiologists and specialists in order to improve accurate diagnosis and treatment is necessary.