The Relationship between Opium Dependency and Stroke

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Introduction:Stroke is the 3 cause of death and although it is a common disease,its incidence is not the same in diffirent parts of the world and depends on various factors.opium dependency apart from being a social and cultural problem has several effects on physiological,immune and coagulation systems and conseguently the risk of stroke.
Method:The study was done in Kerman shafa hospital during 2003-2004 on 105 patients with stroke (case group) and 105 patients with urologic problems (control group).Data were collected using patients history,physical examinations and diagnostic protocols and were analyzed using Chi-Square test.both groups contained 55 females and 50 males.
Results:In the case group 31 ones (29.5%)and in the control group 18 once(10.5%) were opium dependent that shows a significant difference between the two groups(p<0.001).the relation between cigarette smoking and stroke was also determined(p<0.0001) and since both factors showed significant relation eith stroke,logistic regression analysis was done.odds ratio was 2.207(p<0.012)for cigarette smoking and 2.36(p<0.04)for opium dependency respectively.