The Situation of New Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease in Urban Population of Isfahan

Document Type: Original Article


1 Assistant Professor of Clinical Biochemistry

2 Associate Professor of Cardiovascular diseases

3 Bachlor of Science in Chemistry

4 Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center

5 Resident of Internal Medicine

6 Bachlor of Science in Nutrinonal Sciences

7 Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services, Isfahan, Iran

8 Instructor of Statistics, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences & Health Services, Sharekord, Iran

9 Instructor, Parasitology Department

10 Clinical Pathologist, Isfahan Blood Trasfusion Center, Isfahan, Iran

11 Master of Science in Clinical Biochemistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services, Isfahan, Iran.


During recent years, many epidemiological studies on risk factors of cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been preformed among which are fibrinogen, activity of factor VII, lipoprotein (a), and hemocystein as new CVD risk factors. Through completed studies, it is found that in urban population of Isfahan more than one risk factor (hypertension, smoking, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and obesity) are seen in 32% of men and 41% of women. However, it is necessary to assess the new CVD risk factors in this population. Accordingly, a descriptive cross-sectional study was performed in 1998-99 and 409 subjects (175 men, 234 women) were randomly sample. Then each subject underwent a blood test, electrocardiography, medical examination and daily physical activity assessment. Nutrient intakes were obtained through assessment of food consumption as 3-day recall. Personal information and anthropometric measurements were also recorded. Fast blood sugar & serum lipids were measured by auto analyzer Élan 2000; lipoprotein(a) by ELISA; hemocystein by HPLC; fibrinogen by turbidimetry and factor VII by calculating coagulation time compared to standard time. Statistical analyses were done by t-tests .The results showed that mean fibrinogen, factor VII, lipoprotein (a), and hemocystein were 244.9±67 mg/dl, 118.3±58 per cent, 13.3±13 mg/dl and 11.5±3 µmol/lit respectively in studied population. By comparing these new CVD risk factors over the world, it was determined that their levels were in the normal range in urban population of Isfahan. The level of fibrinogen and hemocystein are higher and lower in women than those in men respectively that is compatible with many other studies.