Multivariate Multilevel Estimates of Shiraz infants Gross-motor Milestones Achievement Age

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A two-yers longitudinal study waz conducted in 1996.the data are letated to a cohort of 317 healthy neonated(164 girls and 153 boys) randomly selected in june 1996 from the city of shiraz followed from birth to two years of age.Firstly,logistic regression model and HRY (Healy-Rashash-Yang)method were used on ten selected milestones separately.secondly, we use an auto-regressive multivariate multilevel model to account for the serial correlation between milestones.selected centiles were calculated from estimated age of eraching to milestones.Gender,as a predictor,did not show any significant effect.In comparison to Denver children,Shiraz children attained the skills late.