Evaluation of Correlation between Cases of depressed fracture and Associated Brain lesion

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THis cross-sectional study was performed on 382 patients with depressed skull fracture admitted to the neurosurgery ward of Kerman Bahonar Haspital between 1994 and 1999.329 of the patients(86.1%) had open fractures,while the  fracture was of closed type in 53 cases (13.9%).of those with open fracture,42%were associated with dura tearing ,whereas the rate was 34% in closed fractures.the most common causes  of depressed fracture were accidents with motor vehicles(59.4%).in most cases (77%) Glasgow coma scale(GCS) on admission was 13-15.there was no associated lesion in 247 patients(64.7%),but 135(35.3%) had one or more lesions,with contusion (34%) and epidural hematoma (23.7%) asb  the most common ones.in cases when the fracture was caused by motor vehicle accidents,the occurence of clinical manifestations was more than that of the other causes.of 15 patients who died (3.9%) 14 ases (93.3%) had associated lesions.