A case report of beckwith-wiedemann syndrome

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beckwith and wiedemann for the first time described a syndrome characterised by macroglossia,macrosomia and omphalocele.nowadays inaddition to the above symptoms,visceromegaly,mild microcephaly,facial nevus flammeus,earlobe cerase,persistent neonatal hypoglycemia,and polycythemia are also considered various manifestations of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome.
This study report a female neonate with macrosomia,macroglossia,earlobe crease,exomphalus,infraorbital crease,facial nevus flammeus.persistent hypoglycemia and polycythemia.the patient was first treated for hypoglycemia.two days later she was lethargic and had convulsions.the patient was suspected to have septicemia and was treated whit antibiotic.laboratory findings include hypoglycemia,and culture resultes were positive for E.coli in CSF,blood and ophthamal discharge.eventually the patient died due to gram-negative septicemia.