A case report of wound myiasis caused by lucilia sericata

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lucilia sericata larva is an obligatory parasite which causes myiasis in animals and rarely in humans as an ectoparasite.it belongs to the family of arthropoda and has many forms incuding egg,larva,nymph and adult.infestation in humans and sheep occursin wounds,mouth,ear,eye,and nose.infestation with this parasite causes itching,pain,inflammation,erythema,eosinophilia and secondary  bacterial infection.this study introduces a case of myiasis caused by lucilia sericata larva of the left hand wound in shahid Beheshti hospital,Kashan 2000.the case is a 36 years-old mman,with 12 years history of addiction to opium,living in Kashan,which has had heroin injections since 3 years ego.after an overdose was reffered to Shahid Beheshti hospital in Kashan with signs of hypoxic encephalopathy,decreasing mental alertness and coma.He was diagnosed as HB,Ag,HIV negative and HCV positive.liver function tests LFT,CBC,ESR were normal however staph aureus was isolated from his wound.also,a total of 38 alive larvae in stage 3 were removed from his wound.the larvae in laboratory changed to adult forms and adult flys proved to be lucilia sericata.considering the above report,and observation of lucilia sericata in Kashan it is recommended that attending physicians,who observe similar clinical signs,refer the patients to the laboratory for further evaluation and possible diagnosis of this parasite.