Relative frequency of helicobacter pylori infection in the city of Kerman in 2000

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Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of chronic gastritis,peptic ulcer,gastric cancer and lymphoma.the prevalence of infection depends on age and socioeconomic status of individuals.the prevalence is low in developed countries but high in developing countries.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of H.pylori in the city of Kerman-Iran.this is a cross sectional study contucted on 331 subjects above 11 years old referred to Kerman health centers in the year of 2000.these subjects were chosen randomaly.the diagnosis of H.pylori infection was based on serological test using Elisa technique and mesurement of IgG with 98% sensitivity and 96 % specificity.among the subjects 51.7% were female and 48.3% were male.the average age of women and men were 32+_17.6, general,the prevalence of H.pylori infection was 61.6% of which 63.7 in women and 59.4% in men with no significant difference between the two groups.the prevalence of infection in the young subjects was approximately equal to the adults and elderly subjects and no significant difference was observed between them.the prevalence  of pylori infection in the subjects with lower educational status and large family size showed a significant increase.the prevalence of H.pylori infection in Kerman .