Extensive necrosis of the nick following dental infection in a diabetic patient

Document Type: Case Report


Assistant professor


Extensive fascial and neel necrosis following diabete is a rare finding ,but if it occurs and left untreated,in can be life threatening due to extension of infection via regional fascia.in this report a 58 years old women is presented who had abscess in chin region due to odontogenic infection.clinical examination showed that,she had an extensive necrotic ulcer in chin and neck region.after laboratory examination and biopsy of lesion with diagnosis of cervical necrotizing fasciitis due to diabetes mellitus and odontogenic infection,she was terated by medical and surgical managements.she was discharged with complete recovery and healing of the ulcerated neck and chin.this patient has an obscure history of diabetes mellitus and was not under treatmant for diabetes at the time of referral.