Effect reversible inhibition of hippocampal CA1 rehion by lidocaine on amygdala kindling rata in rats

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In this study the role of CA1 region of dorsal hippocamus an amygdala kindling rate was investigated by bilateral microinjection of lidocaine into hippocampus.28 rats were divided into four groups.in group I:animals were implanted only with a tripolar electrode into the amygdala but in groups 2-4,two guide cannulaae were also implanted into  the CA1 region of the dorsale hippocampus.two monopolar electrodes were also attatched to the skull as earth and differentail.one week after surgery,the thresshold stimulus was determined and each animal was stimulated daily by threshold stimulus to be kindled.in group 3 and 4 saline or lidocaine 2% (1mlit/2min) was also injected bilaterally into the hippocampus respectively and animals were stimulated 5 min after injection.obtained results showed that the number of stimulation to receive from stage 4 tostage 5 seizyre was significantly increased in group 4.thus,it may be suggested that CA1region of the hippocampus plays an important role in late but not early stages of amygdaloid kindled seizures and amygdala kindling rate.