Histopathologic and comparisons of the properties of skin,sutured withb and Iranian and a foreign brand nylon suture in rat

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This study was designed to elucidate the possible difference between supa and ethicon.nylon in suturing rat skin.75 female spragne-dawley albino rats with mean weight 250 g were used and randomly divided into three groups of 30,30 and 15 rats.in 60 rats anesthesea was induced by ketamin and xylazin.followed by surgical preparation , a 5 cm abdominal skin incision was made and sutured by simple interrupted suture pattern.in group n1,3/0 nylon,supa product and in group 2,3/0 nylon ethicon product were used.15 animals of each group were sacrificed on day 6th for Histopathologic examination and the rest of the animals on day 13th for Histopathologic and biomechanical examination .15 rats were sarsified for  biomechanical evaluation of normal skin.Histopathologic sections were stained by H&E and examined under light microscope for reepithelization,acanthosis,age of granulation tissue ,type of predominant inflammatory cells,hyperemia and the presence of giant cells.tissue repair  in group 2 was significantly more mature than group 1 on day 6 th (p<_0.05).threr was no significant difference between the two groups on day 13th.in  biomechanical study.the following parameters were measured form load-elongation curve:linear starting point,yield point,ultimate streagth,stiffness,ultimate strain,maximum stored energy and yield stored energy.the steffness of group 1 samples was significantly more than group 2 (p<_0.05).there were no significant differnces between the two groups in other biomechanical parameters.according to the results of this study it can be concluded that concerning short term tissue reactions.ethicon nylon suture is superior to supa,though threr was no significant histopathologic difference between the two groups on day 13.however ,cystic structures were observed onlt in group 2.the biomechanical quality of group 2 was also superior to group 1.