A suevey on the tuberculin test results of hospital staff in Hamedan medical sciences university

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Assistant professor


Controversies have been reported in recent studies regarding the risk of T.B contamination for hospital personnel.some of the experts consider all of the hospital staff in high risk groupd whill others consider the risk only for hospital staff working in the  wards in which T.B patients are hospitalized.therefore in this study tuberculin test results of hospital clinical staff was compared to that of the administrative staff.in multistage cluster sampling a total of 569 clinical staff and 270 administrative staff were injected with PPD.after 48 hours muscle spasm was determined .no significant differecne was observed regarding age,family history of tuberculosis.or an BCG scar in the two groups.the rate of T.B infection was higher in clinical staff compared to that of the administrative personnle(54.27% compared to the 32.71% in administrative staff.)among the clinical staff the rate of positive PPD test was higher in people who warked 6 months or longer in the infectious diseases wards compared to the people who worked less than 6 mounths in the same ward.or not worked at all.this study emphasize the need fpr offering education programs for hospital personnel.