Acase report of delayed Eruption of a permanent molar tooth Associated with complex odontome

Document Type: Case Report


Assistant professor


An odontome is a slow growing and non-aggressive odonotogenic tumor composed of enamel,dentin,cementum and pulp tissue.complax odontome comprise of an unorganized mass of odonotogenic tissues,morphologically not resembling the normal this report,a case of rare odontoma in a ten-years-old boy that caused dalayed eruption of a maxillary right farst permanent molar,buccal expansion of the alveolar plate and a swelling on the palatal surface of this tooth is presented.after consultation with the department of orthodontics and regarding the radiographs of the area,it was decided to extract the tooth.during careful extraction of the tooth just  an irregular overlying mass of hard tissue was this stage,no attempt was made to completely extract mentioned tooth.histological examination revealed that the hard tissue was a complex odontoma.3 months follow-up resulted in complete resolution of the swelling and eruption of the tooth which reached to the occlusal plane.