Evaluation of cholecystectomy complacations in diabetic and non-diabetic patients in Kerman university hospitals from the year 1374 to 1377

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Diabetes mellitus is a systemic disease that involves multiple organs.several documented studies indicated that  prevalence of gallstone in diabetics is higher than  nondiabetics.thus,rate of acute cholecystitis and cholecystectomy should be higher in these patients.some studies have showen that the risk of postoperative complications is higher in the diabetics.this cross-sectional study has been done from 1374 to 1377 in two university hospitals(Bahonar and Kerman-Darman) of Kerman.the study is conducted on 227 sequential patients with cholecystitis that were condidates for cholecystectomy within 72 hours of diagnosis.after preliminary therapy and para clinic study:including fasting blood sugar (FBS) measurement,upper midline laparotomy was performed-following induction of general balanced anesthesia.stage of the disease was registered during the operation.the subjects were followed up to 30 days for detection of postoperative complications.there were 34(15%)diabetics (5 type-1 and 28 type-2 diabetics)with age of  62.6+_11.9 years, and 193(85%) nondiabetic patientes aged 54.4+_15.8 years -old.therefore the age of diabetics were higher than that to nondiabetics(p=0.0008).FBS of diabetic and nondiabetic gtoups were 189.12+_53.64 mg/dl and 91.44+_15.15 mg/dl respectively (p=0.0001).as for as progression of the disease,25(13.5%) of diabetics and 90(74%) of non diabetics had a higher stages of cholecytitis (p<0.05).postoperative complications were ecountered in 15(38.4%) cases of diabetic and 21(10.5%) cases of nondiabetic groups(p<0.001,OR=5.33,X=19.86).it seems that increased prevalence of postoperative complications in diabetic patients is due to more advanced stages of thier disease at the time of diagnosis.however systemic changes due to aging in diabetic patients should also be considered.