Determining of survival & hazard in patients with pemphigus in Kerman

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the incidence of survival  analysis and hazard rates in 55 patients with pemphingus have been determined for a period of 12 years from 1989-2000.the effect of pemphigus type,sex,age and the method of treatment were evaluated seperately.for this the  equation ht(x)=ho(t) exp{bi xi}was chosen in which hois the baseline hazard in ziro time,ht is hazard happened later(in timet)b is regression coeficient and x can be age,sex,pemphigus type and method of treatment.results of this study revealed that the upper age groups had relatively smaller surrival chance than those of lower age groups,and women less than men.the first 8 years after pemphigus diagnosis,patients with vulgaris and vogtan type as compared with foliaceae and etythmatous had also less survival chance,so was combined therapy compared with single thrapy(cortico steriodes).other parameters like job type and place of living had no apparent effect.