Determintion of the acute and persistant effects of Aluminium on memory and learning Abilities of rat

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In regard to the role of Aluminium in the emergence of psychological disorded in patients with chronic kidney diseases,this research project studied the acute,and chronic effects of Alluminium on different stages of memory and learning abilitis,after grouping the rats Alluminium chloride with concentrations of 1mg,5mg,10mg and 20 mg was used per kg of body weight.the Alluminium was given by intraperitioeal injection during 3 phases of 30 days,60 days and 90 days and following this a shuttle box was used to evalute its effects on memory and learning abilities.the results bindicated that plasma level of  Alluminium was significantly increaced,however Alluminium at 90 mg/kg had ni significant effect on the rats ability of learning.however doeses of 1,5,10 mg/kg clearly had a significant inhibitory effect on memory and learning Abilities.tyhis inhibitory effect had a direct correlation with the duration and dose of the Alluminium injection.the highest inhibitory effect on memory and learning abilitis was achieved at 15mg/kg dose at 30 and 40 days,which was 34.5 and 52.3% respectively (p<0.05)..injection of 2mg/kg of arecholine caused an increase of 25% in learning abilitis and was statistically  significant in comparison to the cotrol group(p<0.05).it can be concluded from this study that Alluminium have an inhibitory effect on metabolism of never cells,and induces alterations on memort level and rat,s learning ability.these change completly depended on the concertration and duration of exposure to Alluminium