A survey of knowledge and attitude in medication controls of tuberculosis patients reffering to Zahedan anti T.B centers in 1999.

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Tuberculosis is still known as the most fatal disease of man caused by a single microbe.according to the report of world Health organizition ,contaminition of about half of the population of the world by My cobactrrium tuberculosis and nine million cases  of  tuberculosis anually as well as appearance of the resistant forms of tuberculosis has made it  one of the health diffeculties in the world.treatment is the most important factor to prevent its spread:and the most important reason for inefficiency of the treatment is the irregular taking of medicines or in other words noncompliance on thye part of the patient.this study was carried out to assess the knowledge and attituberculosis centers in Zahedan toward pulmonry tuberculosis and compliance with the patients(113 people).A questionnaire and a researcher observation checklist was used for data collection. the checklist included four parts containing questions about demographic  charactristics,disease,medical treatment,knowledge,attitude and compliance.the results showed that the patients scored 47% of knowledge and 77%attitude marks.in the case of other aspects of compliance with treatment  regimen like proper taking of the medicine,consistancy to treatment ,sanitary repeling  of the sputum they scored 34.5%,27.5%  and 20.3% of the marks respectively.also educated ,urban,Iranian nationality and trained patientes scored meaningfully better marks in  knowledge and attitude questions.furtheremore the urban and trianed patients had a meaningfully better compliance with the treatment regiman,and higher knowledge resultedin better attitude and complaince.