Treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis with combination of allopurinol and low dose of meglumine antimoniate

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cutaneous leishmaniasis is one of the most prevalent endemic disease in Isfahan which is also hyperendemic in other parts of Iran.different treatment have been suddested for cutaneous Ieihmaniasis is glucantim and pentostam,however these drugs have significant side effects and can only be used intravenously.allopurinol is one of the oral medicines suggested for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis.thegoal of this study  is to determined the healing effect of allopurinol with low doses of glucantim,on the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis ,and its comparison with the standard glucantim treatment this open controlled study a total of 72 patients infected with cataneous leishmaniasis were divided randomly into two groups,the first group consists of 36 subjects which were treated for 20 days with intravenous glucantim(30mg/kg) and allopurinol tablets.the results were evaluated at the end of treatment period,one month and 3 months following the the first group 74.2% and in the secind group 80.6% of the patients responded well to the treatment with no recurrence of the significant differnce was observed between two groups(p=0.408).significant side effect were not observed in either of the groups.therefore based on this results,it can be concluded that with simultaneous treatment of allopurinol and glucantim,one may reduce the number of injections and the side effects of the drugs.