A case of humen linguatula serrata infestation in Kashan

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 linguatula serrata, an ectoparasite,belonding  to the arthropods order,has diverse forms of adult,nymph and larva.it causes pentastomiasis and respiratory tract disorder in reptiles or carnivorus and herbivorous mammals and rarely human-Human might be involved in case of comsuming raw or semi cooled liver of animals.the infestation may lead to acute pharyngitis,dysphagia,vomiing ,nasal discharge,a human  infestation is usually the results of comsunption of raw or semi cooked animal liver carraging lings.human infestation usully occurs through nostrils,throal and sinuses.the clinical manifastations are pharyngitis,nausea,vomiting,pharyngial irritation severe cough  and rinitis (morrara syndrome).the choice of treatment is surgery and removal of parasite and using antihistamines.this is a case report of the 30-years old woman from Hassan-abad,Kashan, presented with the typical symptoms of the disease after eating raw vsheep liver.diagnosis was made after removal of the nymph parasite from the tonsile morgin. linguatula serrata was cofiemed to be the cause after morphologic study in the laboratory.