A study on the incidence of postoperative delirium in the operated patients in Kerman medical sciences university hospitals in 1999

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Delirium is a syndrome consisting of cloudiness of consciousness,attention deficit,and cognitive impairment,with quick onset,but varring paths in its progression .delirium is more common after major surgeries in the elderly and hospitalized patients,resuting in high morbidity and mortality rates.the incidence rate that has been reported  in previous studies varies from 1-3% in cataract surgery to 73.5%in orthopedic and open heart surgeries.the objectve of the present study was to determine the incidence of delirium during the first postoperative 5 days in 250 patients older than 40 undergoing elective surgeries in Kerman.MMSE test was used to screen the population and DSM-IV  was used to confirm the diagnosis.postoperative delirium developed in 19 patients(7.6%,95% confidence interval:4.7% to 11.7%).it seems that postoperative delirium incidence in our surgery wards is lower than western countreis which can be due to less risk factors such as alcoholism and loneliness.nonetheless,attention should be paid to old patients undergoing prolonged major operations.