The role of b-hemolytic streptococci group B and anearobic infections in preterm premature rupture of membrane

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preterm premature rupture of membrane(PPROM)is one of the serious problems during pregnancy.the aim of this study was to determine the probable relation between group B streptococal and anaerobic infections and PPROM.for this porpust 100 pregnant women with preterm rupture of membrane were the case group the prevalence of B-hemolytic streptococcal and anaerobic microorganisms was determind by cervical and vaginal addition the rate of several factors which can have some roles in ethiology of PPROM was determined.the range of gestational age were 26-38 weeks.after proving PPROM.via spicific methods in obstetrics samples were taken for cultturing.the control group consisted of 100 pregnant women who were matched with the case group in gestational age and had no leakage of this study, there were statistical associations between PPROM and variables like fever.maternal disease,sexual intercourse,opium addiction,sloking,fetal presintation,and prevalence of B-hemolytic streptococci group B and anaerobic infections(p<0.05).prevalence of b-hemolytic streptococci group B and anaerobic in the case group were 5% and contrast in the control group,there was no positive case.on the bassis of the present study,it is concluded that,there is a relationship between fever and infection due to B-hemolytic streptococci group B and anarobes with PPROM.therefore by treatment of such cases,PPROM can be prevented.