Determination of ultrasonographic hepatobioliary abnormalities in thalassemia mojor patients referring to Kerman university hospital NO1

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one of the complications of Beta-thalasemia major is hepatobiliary disorders for example cholelithiasis(Gallstone),in this study frequency of hepatobiliary ultra sound abnormal findings in 200 patients in Kerman was investigated.among 200 patients ,11(5.5%) had gallstone.the average age of patients without  gallstone was 10.07+_4.9 years and that of patients with  gallstone was 16.1+_5 years.therefore significant difference in this regard is observed(p<0.05).five patients (2.5%) had thichness wall in gall bladder.and their mean age was 12+_2.5 years and that of patients with normal wall thichness was 10.3+_5.1 ywars with nisignificant difference between two groups.sixly three patients(31.5%) had history of splenecyomy and 137 patients (68.5%) had no this history.among 11 patients with gallstone ,9 patients had history of splenecyomy  and 2 patients had not this history with significant difference between the two groups(p<0.05).no significant differnce was observed in the average serum ferritin in patients with gallstone(3786+_941.4) and in the patients without gallstone(3147.3+_1239.7).