Comparison of the effect of single and triple dose of antibiotic prophlaxis on post cesarean section intection

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following cesarean infection is one of the main complications,and antibiotic prophylaxy is an important protective factor in reduction of postoperational infection.the aim of this study is to compare the prophylactic effect of single dose ampicillin to triple dose ampicillin following the operation.this prospective randomized clinical trial a total of 242 women were prophylactically treated with ampicilin following the cesarean section.the subject were divided equally into three groups,group one received three doses and the second group received a single dose of the drug following clamping of the cord.the average age of the women,gestation age,and the duration of the surgery were the same.the most common reason fpr the c-section was the previous history of having a C-section,and the most common type of incision was significant difference was observed in wound infection between the fiest and second group.(3.3% compared to 9.9%), although endometritis was higher in the group one (1.7%) than in the second group (0.8%).8.2% in the first group and 9.9% in the second group showed febrile reactions,however the difference was not significant different.the results indicates that there is no significant difference observed in infection rate and febrile reactions.therefore a single dose of ampicillin is recommended,for prophylactic pourpose following cesarean section.