Prevalence of foreward head posture and its relationship with different variables in the Shiraz high school students in 1999

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Since posture is of great importance in pernosal health & social life,so evaluation of prevalence of 
foreward head posture in school children of adolesent age seems necessary for proper prevention planning and treatment.the present study is an analytic-descriptive on 480 students(240 girls and 240 boys) from Shiraz high school in 1999.the subjects were selected according to clusture random sampling.the relationship between foreward head posture with some variables such as sex,position of studying,visual disorder and physical activity was investingated.the questionnaire was filled for each subject,then posture of foreward head was measured by plumbline.the results indicated that the incidence of fpreward head posture from right and left was 76.1% and 74.6 % respectively and there was a significant difference between foreward head with sex,position of studying and doing excercise(p<0.05),but is not with the visual dsorder.the results of this study indicate a relatively high incidence of foreward head posture in study prevent occurence and aggrevation of this untoward situation,a wide spread planning for teaching of general population,parents and public health teachers as well as sports teachers seems necessary.