The remonal effect of hydrogenated shortening on serum levels of triglycerids,total cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol in normal subjects

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In Iran,the hydrogenated vegetable oil have content of frans fatty acids and high per capita consumption.this study was aimed to evaliate the effects of substitution of hydrogenated oil by sunflower liquid oil on plasma levels of LDL,HDL, total cholestero and triglycerids in normal subjects.thirty six healthy inmates participated in this research. they were consuming hydrogenated oil before the study,and were maintained on sunflower diet for one month.then they were switched to hydrogenated oil regimen for the next two months.blood samples were collected for meansuring the levels of HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol ,total cholesterol and triglycerids at the beginning anad 15 days intervals during the study.the results showed that omission of hydrogenated oil from the diet significantly increases the serum HDL-cholesterol (p<0.001) level and reswitching from sunflower oil to shortening regimen reverts such beneficial significant difference was observed for the other measured parameters between the two lipid regimens.