Formulation of oral mucoadhesive form of alum and its clinical assessment

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Assistant professor


Alum had been used in traditional medicine for treatment of oral lesions in Iran.the main aim of this study was to find out a suitable formulation for the mucoadhesive fprm of this study some materials such as alum,carboxymethyl cellulose 
(CMC) and Arabic Gum were used.different bases of gum and CMC were made and titration of alum was performed with suitable vbuffer and the rate of water absorption from gingive was used as an index of active ingredient release.the mean weight of released alum with CMC  base(10% alum) at minute 60 compared to minutes 15,30,90,120 and alum 10% with Gum base in minutes 15,30,60.90 each compared to minute of 120 showed significant differences (P<0.01).also the mean weight of released alum with CMC base(10% alum) in minute 60 compared to alum with Gum base in minute 15,30,60,90,120 showed significant differences (p<0.01)the volume increasing of patches after 60 minutes in Gum was 1.5 times more compared to those of CMC.threr were significant differnces between mean weight avrieations at minutes 20,40,60,(p<0.05).on the basis of these findings,the best for formulation of alum is Gum base with alum 2% using up to 30 minutes and CMC base with alum 10% using up to 15 MINUTES.