Comparison of Adipose tissue fatty acide in CAD and non-CAD patients

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since long term dietary fatty acide intake is reflected in the fatty acide composition of  Adipose tissue, this study was aimed to compare the adippose tissue fatty acide profile of angiography documented CAD (test)and non-CAD(control)  patients.the first group were 25 patients who underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery in open heart surgery section of Shahid Beheshti hospital of Kermanshah university of medical sciences.the second group were 2.3 persons who were matched for age and BMI and had aoritic valve replacement(AVR) surgery in the same hospital.small segment of adipost tissue from atrioventricular groove was separated during surgery and stored at -40 until analsis.simultaneous analysis of fatty acide s were carried-out by HPLC thechnique.the results of this study showed that the contents of saturated fatty acides in CAD group were higher,and the unsaturated fatty acids with the exception of linoleic acid were lower than control group.percentage of stearic acid.oleic,acid and linolenic acid in test group were 4.8,20.7, and 6.7 and in control group were 3.8,27.8 and 9.0 respectively (p<0.05).increment of saturated fatty acids along with decrement of unsaturated fatty acids in adipose tissue of CAD patients may have potentiated the atherosclerotic significant difference was seen between other fatty acids in two groups.these findings mey be explained by differences in nutritional habits and or endogenous metabolism of fatty acids between two groups.