Hematologic status in DMBA-induced mammary gland carcinoma in sprague dawley rats

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in this study,14 female sprague-dawley rats 55 days old were randomly divided into two control and experimental groups.2ml of 7,12-dimethylbenz{a} anthracene (DMBA) solution(20 mg of DMBA dissolved in 2 ml of corn oil) and 2 ml corn oil was eaten to each animal of test and control group respectively.tumor development was examined by milk line palpation once every week.during 3-5 months following the DMBA, mammary gland tumor was appeared in all test animals.then complete hematologic tests were done on the tail blood sample  of each animal.six inguinal and one chest mammarry gland tumors were observed in experimental group.the DMBA-induced animals showed macrocytic and hypochromic regenerative anemia.there were significant differences between two groups in WBC,RBC and platelet numbers,Hb,PVC, and the percentage of neutrophils,lymphocytes,eosinophils,monocytes,basophils and band neurtophils.the platelet count,in DMBA-induced rats was reduced significantly(p<0.05).in DMBA-induced rats neutrophilia,lymphopenia,monocytosis,eosinopenia and basopenia were seen.moephological abnormalities were observed in neutrophils and erythrocytes of the DMBA-induced animals and giant platelates were observed.