investigation of the prevalence of toxoplasma antibodies in women during marriage consultation in Kerman city

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based on serological,toxoplasmosis infection is a widespread disease.with regard to this fact and because of the occurence of congenital toxoplasmosis infections due to asymptomatic infections in pregnant women,determination of the rate of toxoplasma antibodise(IgG,IgM) before pregnancy and finding the involved factors in increasing toxoplasmosis prevalence seems to be this cross sectional and discriptive study the prevalence of toxoplasma antibodies(IgG,IgM) in Kermanian women was determined by ELISA method.blood samples (n=350) were collected randomly from women reffered for marriage consultation to the central laboratory of Kerman city from Jan.1998 to Dec.1998.the results showed that the generan prevalence of the positive cases based on high titer of IgG was 29.4% and of IgM was 5.1%.there was no relation between positive cases and age,education,place of residence and keeping domestic animals(except cat) at home.but there was a relation between the positive cases of IgG and IgM and keeping cat at home(p<_0.01) and the way of meat consumption(raw or rare) (p<_0.0009).moreover 70.6% of pregnant women in Kerman city were seronegative and they were prone to acute toxoplasmosis during their  pregnancy.therefore considering this fact and trying to omit its risk factors especially during pregnancy is very important.