Determination of the point prevalance of psychotic disorders among students of Kerman university of madical sciences

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world health organization(WHO) defines health,as a complete physical,mental,and social well being. According to the reports of this  organization 25 million people in the wprld in different age groups are suffering from severe and 150 million from mild psychotic disorders.based on the studies,these statistics are not lower in Iran than the other countries.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of psychotic disorders among the students of Kerman university of medical sciences with the hope of finding the ways to decrease the promlems of this intellectual class which play an important role in the future of the country.this study was performed by census sampling from all students who started their studies in september and january 1996 using standardized questionarise SCL-90-R.reliability and validity of the questionarie was previously satisfied by Mirzaie(1359) and  Bagheri Yazdi(1373). A total of 387 questionarie were completed in Autum 1996 and spring 1997.the point prevalence of the diseases was 28.2%.the highest rate of prevalence was paranoia,and the lowest was phobia.the average rate of disorders was higher in male than female students.the results of this study  showed that mental disorders were lower in students than in general population.