Evaluation of the analgesic effect of teucrium polium extract in mice

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In traditional medicine,some of the plants have been used as analgesic effect of teucrium polium (TP) used traditionally to relieve headache,rheumatic arteritis and pain during pregnancy.for this purpost the perculated and suxheleted extracts of TP, with differnt doses,were injected intraperitonealy to the mice and the analgesic effect was determined by Tail Flick test(TF) and formalin test(FT).the results by Tf test showed that the perculated extract with doses of 50,100,200, and 300 mg/kg,can induce significant analgesia compared to the control group(p<0.01).the maximum analgesic effect was induced with the dose of 200mg/kg and reached the peak 30 min following injection.the suxhleted extract with dose of 200mg/kg ,induced less analgesic effects than the equqll dose of perculated extract(p<0.01).the analgesic effect of 200 mg/kg of extract in TF test showed no significant differnce compared to acetil salicylic acid(ASA) used (300mg/kg) in 15,30,45,120 min intervals and also no significant differnce was obsereved compared to morphine(2.5mg/kg) in 15,30,90,min after injection.the results by FT have shown that the injection of 50mg/kg perculated extract did not induce significant analgesia in comparison with the control group while adminitration of 100mg/kg is able to inhibit the second phase of pain significantly (p<0.01).however the those of 200 &300mg/kg induced the highest analgesic effect and inhibited both phases of pian significantly(p<0.01).no significant differnce was observed in acute and chronic phases of pain with 200mg/kg off extract compared to ASA.the analgesic effect of extract was less than that of (2.5mg/kg) morphine)p<0.01).the result suggested that TP extract has a desirable analgesic effect and futher studies are requied to m produce more effective product of this plant to substitute for chemical analgesic drugs.