Kap study of Kerman,s behvarzes in the field of psychiatric disorders after 6 tears integration of mental health in PHC

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In recent years the programmes of mental health integration in primary health care has been developed quantitavely and qualitatively in IRAN.evaluation and monitoring of this services seems to be necessary for the determination of its effectiveness.we have studied the knowledge,attitude and practice of Behvarzes about mental health in Kerman(experimental  group,n=48) and Bardsir district (control group,n=44) by KAP questioners.the results showed that the rate of case finding in experimental and control group were 8.65 and 1.8 per thousands respectively.concerning patient referral,follow up and mental  health knowledge,Kerman,s Behvarzes showed better performances than the control group (p<_0.01).the knowledge scores of experimental group (18.75+_6.92) was significantly higher than the control group{(13.95+_5.810,(p<_0.01)}.there was no significant difference between attitude scores of the control group (79.79+_9.38) and the experimental group (78.79+_15.54).