Early airway complication after deep and awake tracheal extubation in children less than 4 year old referring for non-pharyndeal surgeries to Kerman university hospitals

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In this clinical trial 100 children less than 4 years old,who had  underwent non-pharyngeal surgeries in Kerman university hospitals were selected randomly and investigated for early airway complications after tracheal extubation.patients were divided into two groups:the first group(n=50) were extubated while they were still anesthetised and the second group(n=50) were extubated after regaining consciousness (a wake group).eirway complications during the first 24 hours after surgery were investigated and analyzed.the average age of the first group was 2.1+_1 and of the second group was 1.3+_0.98(p<0.001).among various early airway complications,laryngospasm and laryngitis were the most ones,and there was no significant difference in this respect between two groups.prolonged operations and anasthesia more than one hour lead to an increase in early airway complications especially in deep tracheal extubation.according to the results of this study there is no sihnificant difference between deep and awake tracheal extubation tecniques regarding early airway complications.