Application of transcutaneous bilirubinometry for screening of neonates with significant hyperbilirubinemia in the city of Kerman

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In order to screen for neonatal significant hyperbilirubinemia,a propective cross sectional study was carried out on 343 full-term neonates taken to investigator in Kerman between October 1995 and july 1996.there was a linear correlation between serum bilirubin and transcutaneous bilirubinometri (r=0.85,standard error=0.004).sensitivity and specificity of this method were 95% and 84% respectively.ragarding the low price and the ease of the usage on one hand and interlaboratory variations in bilirubin measurements on the other hand, transcutaneous bilirubinometry by icterometer is considered to be an accurate method for screening of significant hyperbilirubinemia in Iranian neonates.