Epidemiology of burns in Kerman: analysis of 1000 cases

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The aim of this study was to describe the statistical analysis of 1000 burn patients admitted for treatment of burn between May and December 1995. The analysis data included age, gender, marital status, place of birth, time of accident, cause and extent of burn injuries. Children ( <10 years) comprised 46.3℅ of the patients . Adolescents and young adults (10_40 years) comprised 44.3℅ of the patients. Male with mean (standard deviation= SD) age of 16.6(15.9) formed 55.6℅ and female with mean (SD) age of 18.6 (16.5) comprised 44.4℅ of the total burns. The oldest patient was 85 years and the youngest was two months old. 85.6℅ of the patients received their burns at home. 96.3℅ sustained their burns accidentally while 3.7℅ of patients committed suicide with fire. Scald comprise 40.8℅ ,flame 25.5℅ hot tea 9.6℅ and hot appliances 9.2℅ of the burns.