Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 5, September and October 2016, Pages 543-670 

Original Article

1. Epidemiology and Early Complications of Lung and Liver Hydatid Cyst Surgery among Patients Referred to Afzalipour Hospital, Kerman University of Medical Sciences During 2003-2013

Pages 543-553

Fatemeh Arabnejad; Mohammad Reza Lashkarizadeh; Mina Mohseni Mohseni; Elaheh Lashkarizadeh; Mitra Smareh Fekri; Mehdi Ahmadinejad

3. The Association between Preeclampsia and Defined Polymorphisms in Prothrombin and Coagulation Factor V Genes

Pages 572-584

Zohreh Salari; Nasrollah Saleh-gohari; Nushin Zainali; Neda Salmani-Cheharfarsakhi

5. Histological Evaluation of the Fetus Lung in NMRI Mice after Exposure to Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: an in vitro Study

Pages 596-606

Marjan Sadeghian; Parvin khodarahmi; Nasim Hayati Roodbari; Kazem Parivar

6. The Effect of Different Doses of N-acetyl Cysteine on Biochemical and Histopathological Parameters in Kidney of Formalin-treated Mice

Pages 607-617

Shabnam Mohammadi; Fatemeh Safari; Zahra Seyedi; Elaheh Seyed Hosseini; Faezeh Karimi; Maryam Mohammadi; Mehdi Karimi; Ali Delshad; Hossein Abtahi; Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh