Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 6, September and October 2012 
2. Effect of the Sera of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis on Apoptosis and Nitric Oxide Production of Endothelial Cells

Pages 520-530

SH Haghjoy-javanmard; N Dana; M Saadatniya; A.H Magzi; V Homayoni; M Etemadifar; A.R Minagar; H Naji-esfahani

3. Seroepidemiology of Canine Visceral Leishmaniosis in Kerman City, 2011

Pages 531-539

M.R Aflatoniyan; B Akhtardanesh; E SHarifi; M.S Mostavafi; B Aflatoniyan; M KHalili; R GHanbarpor; M Bani-asadi

5. Variations of the Circle of Willis in 100 Cadavers in Kerman Province

Pages 551-561

S Karamoziyan; A Ebrahiminejhad; M SHahba; A Ohadi; SH SHasavarani; E Keykhosravi

7. A Comparative Study on the Personality Traits of Opioid- Dependents with and without Somatic Chronic Pain Complaints

Pages 574-583

S.R Saeidiyan; M Sayah-behgard; S.S Ashrafizadeh; S Paksereshet; M.R Haghdost; H Bostani; S.M Latifi

9. A Case Report of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Due to Gastric Lipoma

Pages 592-597

M.J Zahedi; S Darvish-moghadam; M Aghaei-afshar; F Mangoli

10. Haemovigilance

Pages 598-604

Z Maarefdost; M.R Mehdizadeh