Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 4, September and October 2011 
1. The Frequency of Mental Disorders among Kerman Residents above 15 Years of Age

Pages 291-300

N Parvaresh; H Ziyaodini; N Nakhaei; A Nahid; H Safavi; B Sajadi

3. The Effect of Nanosilver Paint on Reducing Fungal Contamination in Hospitals

Pages 309-317

M Azizifar; K Nadafi; H Jabari; A.R Oskohi; Y Tabraei

6. Comparison of Metacognitive Beliefs in Depressed, Obsessive - Compulsive and Healthy Groups

Pages 339-348

A.R Farnam; H GHolizadeh; J Pirzadeh; E Hekmati; A Rasolvand

9. Work Schedule-related Health Problems in Petrochemical Industries Workers

Pages 369-381

A.R CHobineh; A Soltanzadeh; S.H.R Tabatabaei; M Jahangiri