Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 3, July and August 2010 
2. Cytotoxic Effects of Artemisia annua Methanol Extract on Cancer Cell Lines in Vitro

Pages 215-225

A Emami; SH Zamani Taghizadeh Rabe; A Ahi; M Mahmoudi

5. The Effect of Forearm Kinesio Taping on Hand Grip Strength of Healthy People

Pages 248-256

H Kohzad Mohammadi; M Pouretezad; E SHokri; M Tafazoli; M Dastjerdi; H Neghahban Siouki

Case Report

8. Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the Vulva: A Case Report

Pages 277-280

T Ashraf ganjoei; S Hasanzadeh; SH Dabiri