Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 4, September and October 2009 
3. Photosensitivity and Radiosensitivity of Indocyanine Green on Human Cell Lines MCF7 and DFW

Pages 319-331

A Sazegarniya; S.M.H Bahreini tosi; A.R Montazer abadi; S.A Ale davood; H Esmaeili

4. Vocal Parameters of Adults with Down Syndrome in Zahedan /Iran

Pages 333-341

M.S Sif panahi; T Salmalian; M Dehghan

5. The Opinions of physicians about Radiology Reports

Pages 343-351

P Borhani; S Mohammad alizadeh

Case Report

9. Epidemiology of Human Fascioliasis in Iran

Pages 385-398

A.R Salahi moghadam