Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2, March and April 2007 
3. In Vitro Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Sixteen New N-Piperazinyl Quinolone Derivatives Against A Panel Of Tumor Cell Lines

Pages 100-108

S Rajabalian; A.R Foroumadi; M.R Heidari; R Karimzadeh; A Pardakhti; R Hosseini

5. Plasma Homocysteine Concentration in Hemodialysis Patients of Kerman/Iran in 2005

Pages 117-123

S.M Sohrvardi; J Azmandian; F Daryaee; A.H Mohammadpoor; M Mehrabani

6. Evaluation of Fetal Toxicity of HESA-A, a Natural Anticancer Agent, in Mice

Pages 124-133

S.A Moallem; A Ahmadi; M.H Moshafi; M.M Taghavi

7. Determination of Reservoir(s) and Vector(s) of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by Nested-PCR in Marvdasht District, Fars Province, Southern Iran

Pages 134-139

Y Rassi; M.M Ghassemi; E Javadian; H Motazedian; S Rafizadeh; A Aghaie Afshar; J Rafinejad; M Jalali