Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, November and December 2006 

Original Article

1. Effects of Visible Light on the Development of Mouse 2-Cell Embryos

Pages 1-7

S.N Nematollahi Mahani; H. Pahang; M.A Kiani; S.A.M Nematollahi Mahani

3. Prevalence of Goiter and Urinary Iodine Content in Schoolchildren of Kerman (Iran) in 2001

Pages 15-21

R Sheikholeslam; MR Aflatonian; K Toori; Z Abdollahi; K Samadpoor; F Azizi

6. Effect of Iranian Black Tea Extract and Its Isolated Thearubigins on Intestinal Transit Time in Mice

Pages 37-42

K Jafari; Sh Gharibzadeh; M Faghihi; SM Karimian; M Hamzehloo; M Keshavarz

7. Prevalence of Child Abuse in High School Students of Bam City (Kerman/Iran) in 2003

Pages 43-50

S Miri; G Froogh Ameri; S Mohammad Alizadeh; F Froodnia

8. Effect of Aerobic and Non-aerobic Exercises on Anxiety

Pages 51-56

M Pourranjbar; K Nematolah zadeh mahani