Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, July and August 2005 

Original Article

1. The Incidence Rate of Gastrointestinal Tract Cancers in Kerman Province during 1996-2000

Pages 153-158

M.J Zahedi; S Darvishmoghadam; M Hayatbakhsh Abbasi; H Zeinalinejad

2. The Effect of Opium Addiction on Response to Major Operation Stress

Pages 159-164

M Baghaei Wadji; M Rohban; M Shabani; A Bahrampour

4. Effects of Morphine Dependency on the Ovarian Folliculogenesis Following Superovulation in Mice

Pages 174-180

N Nematollahi Mahani; S Amini; M.A Imami Meibodi; F Nabipour; H Eftekhar Vaghefi

5. Sensitivity and Specificity of CA 15-3 in Detection of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Pages 181-187

Sh. Omidvari; D Moslemi; A Mosalaei; M Mohamadian Panah; N Ahmadloo

8. Knowledge of Kerman General Practitioners about Tramadol in 2004

Pages 202-208

M Shamsi Meimandi; N Nakhei; M Shojaei baghini; Sh Mazhari; S Sharifi; F Sharifi

Case Report

9. Malignant Meningioma with Lumbar Spinal Metastasis (a case report)

Pages 209-213

A Ebrahiminejad; S Karamoozian